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You Were Cre­at­ed to Make Some­one Hap­py…

Life is bet­ter when you are hap­py, but life is at it’s best when oth­ers are hap­py because of you.

Be faith­ful in touch­ing oth­er’s heart.

Be an inspi­ra­tion.

Noth­ing in nature lives for itself.

Rivers do not drink their own water.

The sun does not shine for itself and flow­ers do not spread their fra­grance for them­selves.

Trees do not eat their own fruits. Liv­ing for oth­ers is a rule of nature.

We were all born to help each oth­er. No mat­ter how dif­fi­cult the sit­u­a­tion you find your­self in, still do good to oth­ers….

Abel Wealth

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