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Youths Now Get High on Orhep­tal Blood Ton­ic — Phar­ma­cist Warns

Fol­low­ing the resent band of “Benylin”, a cough syrup con­tain­ing codeine used by youths and drug addicts to get high, it seems the efforts by Niger­ian Gov­ern­ment and NGOs fight­ing drug abuse is far from see­ing it’s end as new dis­cov­ery have been made to replace Benylin.

Orhep­tal Blood Ton­ic which con­tains 13.5% ethanol might be a replace­ment for Benylin cough syrup which was banned by the Gov­ern­ment. A Phar­ma­cist took to his social media to warn par­ents and guardians against Orhep­tal blood ton­ic which appears to have tak­en the lead on Benylin.

Accord­ing to him, in space of 2 hours he sold about 5 bot­tles of the Blood Ton­ic to some youths who tore the pack just in front of his phar­ma­cy and devour it’s con­tent.

He wrote:

Dear Par­ents,
Our youths have moved from Benylin with codeine to Orhep­tal blood ton­ic. In the space of 2 hours I have sold about 5 bot­tles of orhep­tal

And they all tore the pack right in front of the phar­ma­cy and start­ed gulp­ing it down.

As I was get­ting wor­ried, I looked at the excip­i­ents in orhep­tal and behold orhep­tal has 13.5% ethanol.

Orhep­tal is the new high­ness.

Par­ents wake up

What’s your thoughts on this?

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