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Youths Now Get High on Orheptal Blood Tonic – Pharmacist Warns

Following the resent band of “Benylin”, a cough syrup containing codeine used by youths and drug addicts to get high, it seems the efforts by Nigerian Government and NGOs fighting drug abuse is far from seeing it’s end as new discovery have been made to replace Benylin.

Orheptal Blood Tonic which contains 13.5% ethanol might be a replacement for Benylin cough syrup which was banned by the Government. A Pharmacist took to his social media to warn parents and guardians against Orheptal blood tonic which appears to have taken the lead on Benylin.

According to him, in space of 2 hours he sold about 5 bottles of the Blood Tonic to some youths who tore the pack just in front of his pharmacy and devour it’s content.

He wrote:

Dear Parents,
Our youths have moved from Benylin with codeine to Orheptal blood tonic. In the space of 2 hours I have sold about 5 bottles of orheptal

And they all tore the pack right in front of the pharmacy and started gulping it down.

As I was getting worried, I looked at the excipients in orheptal and behold orheptal has 13.5% ethanol.

Orheptal is the new highness.

Parents wake up

What’s your thoughts on this?

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