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Battle of the Biggest Butt, Roman Goddess Vs Eudoxie, Who got it more?

“Instagram is on fire as two elephant battles.”

Nigeria’s Roman Goddess and Côte d’Ivoire’s Eudoxie Yao fight for supremacy is making rounds on Instagram. The two African beauties are no doubt very endowned with front and back asset, today we’ll take a brief look at their background, photos and then allow you vote for your favorite.

Lagos Socialite and Instagram celebrity Roman Goddess can’t seem to be of the hook and headlines after walking the aisle with her white husband. On the flip, singer and actress Eudoxie Yao who’s been labelled “Africa Kim Kardashian” for her curvy shape recently made headlines after she was reportedly mobbed by fans in Paris.

Eudoxie Yao claims to have the biggest celebrity natural back.side in Africa, but one look at Roman Goddess, then you’ll probably have a second thought.

The duo claim their shape is natural without any form of body modification, plastic surgery or implant.

This claim might not be far from the truth, we all know that African women are naturally endowned.

Here are more photos of both contenders for your viewing pleasure. Let us know who’s your pick.

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