Best Valedictorian Speech Ever 

by Ifeoma Onuike 

Board of Trustees, Board of Executives, Rector, Deans, University Leaders, Faculty Staffs, Academic and Administrative staffs, Parents, friends and the 2017 graduating class of Girne American University. I just can’t help but shout “WE MADE IT” graduating class of 2017 give the person sitting close to you a high five(5) and say “I MADE IT”.


Waking up in the morning, running down to your bus stop to be in class by 9am, shunning class distractions, like sitting away from friends, switching off your phone to disconnect and concentrate on the lecture. The torture of team projects,countless meetings to put up the perfect presentation. With time, strangers became friends and some friends became like brothers and sisters to us. We did not relent in our hours of sleepless night, just to be more prepared for the exams. Days became months, months became years, and here we are 4 years later.


So, yes it is an honor to stand here and give this speech and say class of 2017

“WE ROCK!”I want to thank this reputable citadel of learning, Girne American University and the resilient effort put in by both the Academic and Administrative staffs for preparing its student for the Global future. We all left our homes, some left countries, while others parents, with much skeptics, anxious of not really knowing what to expect. However, GAU became our homes, having classmates as siblings, lecturers as uncles and Aunties and the University Management as parents.


To our in-valuable lecturers, your praises may not be sung with the mega phone but you have been instrumental in our success stories, class of 2017, give it up for our lecturers!

(clap). You laughed with us, scolded us, and pushed us beyond our imaginary

limits. Indeed, we stand here today filled with so much and ready to transform

our world in our various disciplines. We want to let you all know that you are

our unsung heroes.


I want to thank parents both here present and those waiting earnestly for pictures and video, like my parents. Mother, father “WE DID IT”, we know it has not been a rosy story from your end. After the payment of my fees to travel to North Cyprus and start my

LLB program, I was confused because, yes, I have paid my fee but where will I get the next session fee? I used up the family saving, from the next session which was my third semester up until graduation today; I have been on GAU merit scholarship. I want to use this opportunity to tell the school management, that my parents say a big thank you to you, they are grateful for your support towards the students.


Students who are still in the university system here to celebrate with friends, I want to encourage you too can do it. I remember attending 2015 graduation sitting down here just

like you, and I resolved in my heart I too want to be successful academically. The first step is making the decision, resolve in your heart that you will make your stay here in the campus to be a success and make your Parents or guardians proud. Second step requires you to put in dedication, hard work, be committed to your studies; you may have to leave some friends behind, join study group. I cannot tell you that it was easy but, today I am holding a microphone reading the valedictory speech. 


I want to thank all my mentors Evang. Festus Iduh, especially Dr Samson Fadiya, Sir indeed you gave my life, and destiny a reshape. Just as a wise man always say ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. These four words reveal a lot of truth, class of 2017 our certificate right now is the key, GAU, our parents, lecturers, mentor have all contributed to

giving us, what next we do with it is up to us. It is my earnest heart pleads that we launch forward into the world with much confidence, with our heads held high

because we have what it takes to succeed.


Do not be afraid to pursue that dream, the Holy Bible says write down your vision; make it plain that he who reads may run with it. Keep on writing the vision and venture into

it for at the appointed time it will speak. I cannot fail to thank my sources, strength, the one who endowed me with Excellence of Spirit, grace to succeed, my creator, father and friend, I just spoke of no other person but the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty God, the person of the Trinity, God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit, for without Him I won’t be here.


It has been proven that spoken words don’t die or vanish, the words that you speak has a way of manifesting for you. Class of 2017 and friends, you can join us and repeat this word’s after me: I am a world Changer, History Maker, Earth Shaker, I am more

than a Conqueror, I am a High Achiever, I have big Dreams, I have what it takes to Achieve

them, my Time has just began… 


Do not hold back, ‘PUSH it, PURSUE it, and PERSEVERE in it’. Will it hurt sometimes YES, is it hard YES, but is it profitable absolutely YES… thank you (management) SEE YOU ALL AT


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