Check out the side effect of eating and smoking weed, that may seriously harm your body systems

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Check out the side effect of eating and smoking weed, that may seriously harm your body systems
Weeds are nowadays eaten and smoke by the youths because of the pleasure and inspiration which they find in it.

Weed or you may also call it marijuana, is more harmful to the health as you could think, and the purpose of smoking or eating the weed is to feel high or feel relaxed.

There are two ways in which they do get high through the weed,
Through smoking is when they tied it in a small paper and ramp it, then light it up.

Through eating is when some people put the weed inside their food when cooking or drink.

In this article today, I’ll be sharing with you the bad effects of either smoking or eating the weed.
So I’ll like you to read carefully, some of the effects of smoking and eating weed which has listed below:

1: When you smoke or eat weed your urge for se.x will definitely decrease and your rate of consuming food will increase.

2: If you noticed anyone that’s used to smoking and eating weed, such person will be experiencing difficulty in thinking straight or loss of memory.

3: in case you have been smoking and eating weed for a very long period of time, you might be suffering from testicular cancer, in which you might develop a big bag of skin under your penis.
4: Anyone that’s used to smoking or eating weed, might be suffering from anxiety which you will be feeling nervous that something bad is going to be happening.
5: in someone that’s addicted to smoking and eating weed, his heartbeat will increases very fast because smoking and eating weed will task the heart to work faster than normal, and which can result in stroke or heart attack.
So my good advice to the youths or anyone who found pleasure in smoking and eating weed is to engage themselves in any other things than smoking and eating weed because it really kills the body systems.
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