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Three Things You Should Not Joke With In Agriculture

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I am feeling rather magnanimous today and would like to just drop some points to inspire somebody. I am assuming that person is you. You see my dear friend reading this, there are people laughing big and there are those crying bitterly as far as this industry called Agriculture is concerned. However, the choice of which between the two that you would like to experience is in your hands and that begins with the depth of your understanding.

How much of Agriculture do you understand generally? Have you really discovered the nature of the industry itself? I am not saying you must have these answers before delving into the industry, I am basically just persuading your consciousness into the very things that matters, though usaully given less or no thought at all. Let's no get carried away. Agriculture is a huge industry and believe me, when something or anything is that huge, it is not the hugeness that is a problem but some very little things that makes up that hugeness. Hold this to heart as I mention briefly 3 things you must not joke with as far as you have interest in Agriculture.

Let's go.

1. Quality: when I talk of quality, it cuts across board. If you want to get seeds as a crop farmer, take your time, find out those who have the best stock and get from them. It may be expensive but it is best. Same applies to livestock farmers, find out the best breeds and source only from breeders with the best stock. Don't just buy anything in the name of ' I sha want to start', No o! . Let this be your motor, " I only buy quality and will only sell quality"

2. Relationship: listen to me, never be a lone farmer. Agriculture as an industry thrives on unending discoveries. I strongly believe this should be a whole module of training. As of today, 85% of all the woes that has befell many in this industry is because of this factor. And I cannot just begin to mention instances because we would get lost in it. Here is just a hint I would drop. As a farmer, you don't just need anyhow people because you need them, mba! You need quality people in their respective capacity and relevance to you. And lastly, an energy you can repay, don't utilize! In more simple terms, I mean, don't receive a love you cannot reciprocate equally. This is very fundamental to the success of any agricultural venture.

3. Knowledge: The English man that says knowledge is power, did he lie? No. Let me assume you are already imagining what I want to say. So, I will just point this out instead, please, never get to the point where you will have to tell yourself, I know it all.

The law of diminishing returns automatically sets in upon those who reaches this point of knowing it all. Even, if you want to prove me wrong, don't use yourself as an experiment. Uhn...these three things I have mentioned are very important. Money can obviously buy them but if you no get eyes, na rubbish you go still buy. Agriculture holds a vast depth of wealth and sorrow.

While the sorrow is constantly knocking and putting all to the test, connecting to the wealth of agriculture and not its shadow is actually where the joy is. It is my hope that, my little submission will help you reconnect to the pool of wealth that Agriculture holds.