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List 3 Countries You'll Never Visit If Offered A Million $Box

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I have heard so many stories of some countries around the world that are not save, and I'm just going to list the three Countries I would never visit even when offered a million box.

1. India

I have heard a lot about the rape cases in India, and personal I have encountered some Indian guys on dating site. They are so obsessed with sex and each time they ask for nudes.

This is a turn off for me and I hate it when a girl is rapped

2. Afghanistan

My reasons is not personal, it's just the security threat going on in that country. It's a war zone.

3. Libya

My third pick will be Libya, it's nothing personal, but slave trade is really thriving in that Country and if feel the government is not doing enough to help the situation.

So that is it, feel free to drop your pick.  

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