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Longweekend in nature: exploring non-tourist Bavaria

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But you can only walk to the alpine lake Shrek. And only prepared travelers will be able to see it, since the road takes about 3-3.5 hours one way. In this case, you will rise to a height of 900 meters, and this is quite high. But believe me, if you have the opportunity, then it is definitely worth all the effort. But everyone can see Königssee and its famous church from a bird's eye view: on the left side of the lake there is a lift to the top of Mount Jenner (Jenner), the cost of ascent and descent will be 18 euros. To see the lake from above on the right side, you will have to climb yourself for about three hours.

Lake Shrek
Hiking in the mountains for a day or two is one of the Germans' favorite pastimes. Why not join them and find out the reasons for this love? In Upper Bavaria you will find hiking trails of any level of difficulty, even those that are pushchair accessible. It is not surprising that the Bavarians adore this type of recreation - this love is instilled from birth. At almost every peak, a small reward awaitsyou - a hut-restaurant where you can eat the most delicious dessert while enjoying the views. Vertices that will fall into my top recommendations (in brackets the price for the lift in both directions): Kampenwand (19 euros), Herzogstand (12.50 euros) and the highest point in Germany - Mount Zugspitze - will cost you 45 euros. The cost of the lift usually depends on the height of the lift and the complexity of its maintenance.

And if you decide to go hiking, then a special map will always help you choose the route that suits you, which will indicate the complexity and length of the route. Or you can always use special applications for hiking - Bergfex, Komoot or Outdooractive. If you go hiking for a couple of days and decide to spend the night in a tent, then putting it in any place you like can face a huge fine. Pitching a tent and making a fire is allowed only in specially equipped camping sites. Be careful, because often the area near lakes, forests and meadows is a nature reserve. You can find a place for camping on this site. Here you will find specially equipped zones not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. And although the Germans are considered very pedantic, respectable citizens, they often break the rules and can pitch a tent in the wrong place.

Mount Wendelstein
What else you can see in Bavaria are castles. In fact, the whole of Germany is rich in castles, and, of course, Bavaria is no exception. The famous Neuschwanstein and its neighbor Hohenschwangau attract tourists from all over the world. And the copy of Versailleson the island of Herrenchiemsee is as famous as the original. But it is worth moving away from these famous castles a little to the side, and you can see no less beautiful little-known buildings - Hohenaschau Castle (located just near the lift to Mount Kampenwand), Europe's longest castle Burghausen, Neubeuern Castle, which now houses a private school , but from the terrace you can admire the Alps not only for students, but for everyone.