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Reasons why women don’t like nice guys

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Before I start, let me say this; women don’t like nice guys. Never be too nice to any woman, they don’t like that shitt. Women love bad guys, and being too nice will only get you played, not laid. Know this and know peace.

1. A nice guy will never look real to them: a nice guy will go out of his way to please a woman putting a woman first before himself, get disrespected only to get a woman’s attention, nice guys are people’s pleasers, and for this reason, any affection shown doesn’t seem genuine.Many got an agenda of giving with the expectation of receiving, which makes everything feel fake.

2. A nice guy is boring: bad guys are adventurous, bad guys give women a different type of experience, bad guys are fun to be around, another reason why they’d rather go for a bad guy than settle for a nice guy.

3. A nice guy isn’t every girl’s crush: women love to have guys who every woman wants, guys who get chased by other women, guys who have options. There’s this pride that comes with knowing you’re the one dating this bad guy who every other woman wants. It makes them feel bossy.

4. Nice guys don’t go straight to the point: nice guys find it hard to express themselves so it ends up looking like they don’t know what they want. But you see bad guys, even if he doesn’t want you, maybe he just wants sex, he’d say it confidently. Bad guys are that intentional.

5. A nice guy stalks and clings too much: girls love attention a lot, so lack of attention will always make her come to you. But once she gets that from you, they see no need to chase you anymore. And that’s where nice guys always lose it cos they’re always too available.Bad guys don’t really care, they give women their space, they let women chase them. That’s why I always say “don’t be too available for women, let them miss you” that way they’d value your presence more.

6. A nice guy is too submissive: women love dominant men, men who can handle them, men who aren’t easily controlled, men who can make decisions on their own, men who can compliment their fragile side.In conclusion, be a bad guy, not a nice guy.