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I'm Done Chasing Jackie B -Whitemoney Says

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WhiteMoney reveals he is done chasing after Jackie. WhiteMoney made this revelation during one of his media tours in Lagos. Speaking to the OAP about his love life in the house, WhiteMoney couldn't stop talking about Queen’s effort in the house and outside of the house.

Breakdown of the discussion between WhiteMoney & the OAP after he has spent several minutes talking about Queen.

OAP: I love the sound of What I'm hearing.

WM: Yes, I also love it too.

OAP: I love the fact you're not chasing Jackie B.

WM: Yes, I'm done chasing Jackie B. Meanwhile, WhiteMoney’s statement about Queen and Jackie got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Wale: I don't know what else to believe. WhiteMoney is confusing me.

Temidayo: Queen is winning WhiteMoney’s heart gradually. She truly gave a lot of their relationship to work.