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Would You Choose DJ Cuppy’s Wealth Or Tems’ Fame?

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DJ Cuppy’s money or Tem’s fast growing popularity? Money and fame are 2 important factors in determining how big a celebrity is. How rich and how famous(popular) are they? However, there are several instances when some celebrities have only one of the two.

DJ Cuppy is an Heiress to a billion naira empire of the Otedolas. She is a DJ and singer who has released several songs to her teeming fans. Despite the money and time spent producing and pushing her brand, DJ Cuppy has not been able to get the kind of fame she earnestly desires. If you are a follower of the beautiful and intelligent DJ on social media, you would know that she loves it when her fans give her attention.

She seeks it and she is a master at sharing posts that gets her the attention. Musically, however, her fame and worldwide acceptance are still at a low. Tems on the other hand grew up singing in her church choir but has now become one of the most famous singers in the world. The success of her 2019’s Try Me saw her emerge into a big name in the music industry. The recent feature on Essense with Wizkid also shot her further into the hearts of Nigerians and music lovers all over the world.

Tems have been able to achieve the fame and fans’ love that DJ Cuppy has not been able to get despite releasing an album, Original Copy in 2020 featuring a lot of musical heavyweights. Tems has the fame but is nowhere near the wealth of DJ Cuppy yet. As these 2 singers continue to work hard and grow, we hope they find the other rewarding half of their passion. Our question to you is which situation would you choose if you had to choose just one.

Would you choose to have money without musical fame? Or do you prefer to have musical fame without the millions of dollars, yachts, luxury condos, mansions, and private jets?