November 29, 2023


I Think I Took The ...
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I Think I Took The Redpill Too Far, I Dont Recognise Myself Anymore

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First of all i aint no simp and never will be, i have always been a person that respects myself a lot before men and women, but everything escalated when i encountered the redpill.

I was 19 when i was exposed to TRP, out of academic and hustling stress i started reading threads online and i no time as a lover of knowledge became hooked on ubunja's miseducations and after practising TRP for two years going now, i cant really say it has won me favour in the eyes of people, especially women.

I broke up with the first and only girlfriend ive had, because i changed drastically over night because i was high on the pill, my circle of guys started leaving me out cos i suddenly became the odd one out.

Girls started giving me attitude, cos i reduced the attention i gave out, so i decided to take it to the extreme and went all out ignoring all of them.

Lets cut the story short, am toxic, alone, with no female attention to validate my ego, so i decided to fuel my ego some other way, by making money.

Guys @kriss @kelvin @gorgouesg I saw this somewhere, the redpiller community is gowing. 

Ever since I learned about the redpill, I no longer greet women. I see women as an object of fun, please don't judge me. You will understand better if you were in my shoes.

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Yeah.  It is a progress...

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Good for you, shebi you are a redpiller, continue bro and congratulations on your newest achievements

Live and let's live, no one knows it all, we all need each other to survive.