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What Could Be The Cause Of The Alarming Rate Of Lesbianism in Girls

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Blue Mary
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I Say this somewhere and decided to share it and have your thoughts.

Top of the Morning everyone.
I'd make this as brief as possible.

I have noticed a quite disturbing trend amongst our females lately, and this past weekend just went further to buttress my point!

I was on a mini-vacation owing to the Muslim holidays, at Abuja. I visited a lounge (hustle&bustle) and believe you me, 70% of the girls there were lesbians.. Some kissing, handling and touching each others like lovers should do.

I went further and preyed on one of them and she told me that its a normal thing na, that in fact that its what turns her on and makes her reach orgasm!

I've also had discussions with a couple of girls that told me the exact same thing, in fact a male friend of mine told me he invited a girl over for sex and she told him that if he wants to enjoy her very well, he should call another girl to join them for party!

Me, I've tried to put myself in their shoes and I cannot even imagine myself hugging a fellow guy, like the mere thought makes me want to puke, but why is it not the same for girls.

I did an independent survey and found out that 6 out of every 10 girls are or have the tendency to practice lesbianism, as opposed to 0.4 in every 10 for men..

So why is it different for women, what is it about a fellow gender with exact same features as you that turns you on?

Please share your thoughts...

Blue Marry for Life

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