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Living A Smart and Fulfilling Life Cost Nothing (Diary Season 1)

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“A persistent soul, a divine fulfillment”

This is just trying to live a fulfilling life , this is to see what things I can do to make me feel fulfilled and live an interesting life.

Who knows ?

In some weeks from now, I will be moving out and taking a look at my office table, it reminds me I need to be clutter free. Maybe that is where my constant source of stress is coming. My office has suddenly become a nightmare.

I finally got a laptop and I intend trying new things here on Essence, on YouTube, and other platforms. My laptop is 8gb ram and I think that should do for now right?

I've set out to make myself available and prepared for any opportunity. Those who made it don't have 2 heads.

I'm just putting this out here, just for someone to see and get encourage.

Start somewhere and don't wait to have it all before starting.

see you in my next post.


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