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luxury swiss Vercace V-Palazzo Herrenuhr in Schwarz VE2V00422 watches

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replica Vercace watches - Two of the Best!

Let's get this straight: the new Versace watches are tacky. Glorious, unabashed, unapologetic tackiness. Even the most ludicrous Jacob & Co. creations (such as the Godfather minute repeater) can't compete with it. Unlike big name brands like the Rolex Leopard Daytona, Versace watches are affordable (relatively speaking). This means that the people who wear them are not as pretentious as watch lovers. They just are. . .

gorgeous! For Versaci, that's closer to the brand than the Porsche 911. Even a quick look at two new watches from Versace confirms this. Everything is there: the brands, colors and highlights that made their clothes famous.

Let's take a closer look at the latest and greatest timepieces from Versace. Which again means they are the cheesiest ever.

Versace Watch Icon Active "White"
All gold (not "all gold") best replica watches are stunning. You might think of the gold Rolex Presidential Calendar as a pretentious F watch that betrays the hubris and low self-esteem of its owner, Donald Trump. I would not disagree. But you have to admit: the golden Rollie has something of its own. For the same reason, gold will go with almost any case material or dial color (such as any gold Omega).

The new 2021 Icon Active “White” from Versace watches shows us that the only jarring combination of gold is… . . . there is nothing. Like a translucent strap.
Clearly, the designers behind this watch are capitalizing on the trend for all-sapphire watches like the $5,000 Aventi A11 and the $422,000 Hublot Big Band Integral Tourbillon All-Sapphire. Clearly, they've turned it up/down a notch.

And with good reason: Tasteful Harmony is for wimps and fools. True fashion is avant-garde. If there's a fine line between edgy and kitschy, I'm not sure what it is. If there was one, Versace would have seen Icon Active White skip it.

It's easy to overlook a good-looking watch. In fact, wearing an elegant big-name high quality men watches is a bit like driving an AMG Mercedes and thinking chicks will love it (to use the old, non-politically correct term). Let's be honest, no one but Piston Head would think the German Whip was a good car (if it was). but this? This watch stands out!

Versace calls the Icon Active's white dial a champagne color. I don't. I think it's closer to psittacosis green. But this is a feature, not a bug! On the dial, the gold hands, hour markers, graduated ring, Versace Medusa head logo that is goldter than gold, bezel, screws and buttons all pop like nitrous popcorn. Especially when combined with the clear plastic case and strap.

As far as timing goes, who cares? But in case you were wondering, the chronographs of Versace watches are powered by RONDA 5021.D – the same Swiss movement that also powered some of TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 watches. That said, the TAG is rated for water resistance to 20 ATM. Ironically, the Icon Active can barely swim at 5 ATM.

Versace Watch Icon Active "Blue"
That honor goes to Icon Active Blue in blue, black and gold. Everything pops here thanks to the blue chapter rings and straps.replica Porsche Design

I've always thought the fashion label's Medusa head was too beautiful to represent a Gorgon with a face so ugly he could turn men to stone. Perhaps founder Giovanni Maria Versace was commenting on the ugliness behind the fashion industry — fitting a man murdered by a handsome demented killer. In any case, the head of Medusa hidden on the case back is more convincing.

A blue watch is the timepiece best suited to Gianni's revolutionary style; the Calabrian is known for adding a bold splash of color to the austere, drab fashion world. Icon Active Blue is bold, bold and aggressive.

Imagine seeing the Icon Active Blue of a Versace replica watches for men adorning the wrist of a man or woman who isn't wearing a dark blue outfit. True fashionistas pushed the boat out. If you think about it, what other watch can rival the Versace Renaissance Silk Sweatshirt?

No matter how you pair it, this watch cannot be ignored. Yes, yes, I know: most of you will wish to ignore it. But some people in this world being ignored is a fate worse than death. And I'm not just talking about the Kardashians or other Instagram influencers. I'm talking about working class diehards.

I'm here to celebrate Caesar's fashion-forward folks, don't bury them. I may have a 10-foot pole by my side, but I appreciate dynamism in all its forms, whether it's a 1964 Chevrolet lowrider or a Versace Wholesale replica watches Price Icon Active. I mean, anyone can wear a Rolex Submariner. But these new Versace watches are designed for people who live life to the fullest in their own unique way.