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My wife and I had a...
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My wife and I had an issue one morning before we left for work....

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My wife and I had an issue one every morning before we left for work. It was a small misunderstanding between me and her. We were both angry at each other. From my facial expression, my wife knew I was very prepared to keep malice with her that morning. She was also angry and didn't mind playing along.

I stepped out of the house and she locked the doors and followed me behind. Since we didn't have a car, we always boarded the same bus to work every morning and ensured we sat together - side by side on the bus. I was to drop them at Terminus and she was to drop them at the Old Airport in Jos.

But that day, I didn't want to sit close to her. So I sat at the back seat and she sat in front, just beside a soldier man.

The man glanced at my wife. I saw the way he looked at her hair and face with so much admiration. Then he told her she looked beautiful. My wife smiled and told him to thank you.

He asked my wife where she was going and she told him she was heading to work.

All this while, I was sitting behind the soldier man and listening to their conversation.

"My name is Femi. Femi Ogundale. I am a soldier man. I was just posted to Jos a month ago. Right now I am heading to my place of assignment."

My wife nodded her head. When the conductor requested for my wife to pay her transport fare, the soldier offered to pay. He pulled out the money and paid on her behalf.

My wife thanked him and smiled.

Then the soldier man continued.

"So I will be dropping soon. I rented a house somewhere in town. I don't know if you can drop by someday to say hello to me. Can I have your number?"

I didn't waste any more time. I tapped my wife on her shoulders immediately.

She turned.

And then I asked her.

"Hope you remembered to put a spoon inside Chukwudubem's lunch box? You know you always forget."

My wife was puzzled. She was probably wondering who Chukwudubem is, and why I had chosen to talk to her. Before she could ask any further questions I added.

"Try to pick him up from school early today. I will be coming back home late. You can cook Eba for me for dinner so that when I return I will eat something before bed."

My wife was confused.

Then she glanced at the soldier man and returned her gaze to me. She understood what I was trying to do.

"Yes, honey." She nodded.

The soldier man turned and saw me. He greeted me. Then he asked my wife.

"Is that your husband?"

My wife nodded. The soldier man glanced at me again and again. Then he glanced for the last time and smiled at me.

I didn't smile back.

When I got to the next junction, I dropped from the bus and dragged my wife along with me.

My wife couldn't stop laughing. While we were about to board another bus, she asked me.

"Praises, who is Chukwudubem?"

"Chukwudubem is our future son. Enter bus let us go before I knack you katako."

My wife laughed.

We boarded another bus to work that day and this time, we sat together. Side by side in the bus.

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