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Uriel Oputa Shares Her Amazing Body Changes, Says She Had Battled Ovarian Cyst

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Former Big Brother Naija Housemate, Uriel Oputa has showed off her amazing body changes as she talked about how she suffered from an ailment with her old body while people thought she was looking healthy.

According to Uriel Oputa, her outer appearance with her old body looked hot and much healthier, but she was secretly fighting an ailment known as "ovarian cyst". > A condition commonly found in women who haven’t gone through the stage of menopause whereby a solid or fluid-filled sac or pocket (cyst) is found within or on the surface of the ovary. Sharing a throwback photo of herself via her Instagram handle, Uriel Oputa stated that the condition lasted for some years but after going for medical checkup on the 21st of September 2021, she was told that the ailment had been cured.

Her post reads on Instagram

> When you have a family History of High blood pressure Stroke, even Cancer you make changes. I would pick grapes over chocolate. Or better chocolate c Tyoated Grapes. I went for a full health check at Mecure..from checking Cervical Cancer, my blood, Hepatitis, brain scan, STI everything!!! Everything came back Healthy!! So I’m not losing weight I’m changing my Life. I don’t want my children to go through what my brothers and I have passed through with my Mum. My old body was but I wasn’t healthy can you imagine I had Ovarian cyst for years. (Non cancerous)

We checked yesterday its gone… Mad o. Biko my bum won’t reduce There isn’t a Perfect weight I was Happy being a size 14/16 but my body needed to be fed different so I did and I lost weight. You can be healthy any size but my healthy size ended up being smaller.