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YouTube 2021 NextUp Contest For Video Content Creators

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An opportunity for you to be part of the YouTube NextUp SSA class of 2021 is open and now available. To participate, you just have to have a YouTube channel, reside in South Africa or Nigeria, and you must meet the of the contest.

Application Deadline: October 8, 2021

Eligible Countries: Nigeria & South Africa


Type: Contest


Eligibility: All participants must meet the following conditions:


Account must be in good standing (no strikes)

You must have uploaded at least 3 videos to your channel in the last 90 days.

You must be over the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence;

You must be a content creator who uploads videos to Your own Channel, which Channel has monetization enabled as well as between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers as of the date of Your entry;

be an individual legal resident of NIGERIA OR SOUTH AFRICA

have access to a webcam;

Application Process: To enter the Contest, You must meet all eligibility requirements and visit (“Contest Site”) during the Contest Period and follow the directions provided there to complete and submit your Entry. You are required to submit Your YouTube Channel URL and complete three (3) short essays:

Why did you enter the Contest and what makes your Channel stand out?

How do you plan to take your Channel to the next level over the next year?

What areas of improvement (e.g. production skills, content strategy, business development) will you work on if selected as a Winner to participate in the Creator Camp?

Each of Your Essays may be in English and be no more than two hundred (200) words in length. If an Essay is longer than 200 words, only the first 200 words will be considered.



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