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Everything you need to know about bro codes.

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Firstly, what is bro code? Bro code is a friendship code to be followed among men. Basically, men putting men before women, men respecting men, men having men’s back. Girls have their sis codes too same way we got ours

Here are few codes you should know as kings:

1. Never date your bro’s sister, mother or exes: these set of women are women you should close your eyes to.
If you cross this line, it only sends a message that you can’t be trusted, you always wish you had what he got, that’s envy.

2. Have your bro’s back no matter what: A bro must be there for his bro in times of need, be it financial difficulty, the pursuit of girls, fistfights, and drunken shenanigans. Nothing else must get in the way of this and he should ask no questions.
If your bro is broke, the bro code demands you to treat him. In no case shall he be left hungry, or homeless.

3. A bro must not allow his girlfriend disrespect another bro.

4. A bro must never ridicule another bro to get the attention or validation of a girl.

5. If you catch a bro’s wife/girlfriend cheating, you inform him every time but if his girl ask you if he’s cheating and you know he’s cheating, cover up for him, that way he’d trust you. Or If his girlfriend asks you about where he is, you know nothing.Keep his whereabouts to yourself, hang up and warn him.

6. Never fight with a bro because of a woman: women should never come between you guys. It’s bros before girls kings.

7. A bro must return the favor when another bro buys a round of drinks or pays for the food.

8. A bro must provide a condom to another bro in need.

9. A bro always advices his bro with the best tips to approach a girl. It is a bro's duty to encourage his bro to become an Alpha-Bro.

10. A bro must be the hype man of his bro: You will do whatever it takes to make your bro look like a superhero in front of others.

11. A bro must not break the bro code.
Bonus: A bro is never allowed to drive in a drunken state.

When a bro has a kid, all his bros become honorary uncles.

A bro shall always be forgiven. Bros are for life, there is nothing a bro can do to deserve hatred. Unless he gets involved with your girlfriend.

Many bros are guilty of number....C'mon kings, we can do better.