September 27, 2023


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Why Is It Hard For A Man To Forgive A Woman Who Cheated?

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So today, I was catching up with my buddies when this topic came up. We analyzed it critically with everybody giving his/her own opinions.

I found out that, man! A woman can easily and quickly forgive a man who cheated on her than a man to do so.

Some of my buddies opined that men are polygamous in nature hence, the natural exception. I find their assertions quite disturbing. Because if a woman can forgive and accept back a man who cheated on her, so should a man.

A lady who was with us also said that even though men are the ones who cheat the most, when a woman cheats; all hell let loose. But if it's a man, no noise is heard. Why so??

The other dude was like, if his woman cheats, he'd forgive and accept her. But it's just for the fun of it. That he won't take her serious again.

So in the end, men cheating is somehow normal and acceptable. But a woman's own is a sacrilege and abomination.

It's the double standard for me.

What's your opinion on this?


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