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Fans react after Cristiano Ronaldo mourns the death of Semedo's Wife on Facebook

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On Monday afternoon, Portugal and Manchester United legendary attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo took to social media to mourn the death of a friend, who is his friend wife, Jose Semedo

Jose Semedo's wife Soraia passed away, after health complications cause by an infection.

Cristiano Ronaldo struck up a friendship with Semedo at Sporting Lisbon youth academy and the pair have holidayed together in Med.

The Portugal National team captain, Ronaldo posted on Facebook a message mourning the death of his Friend's wife, Soraia.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote: "There are time when everything comes to the background, including Football. Last week, unexpectedly, fantastic human being left, our dear Soraia"

Football fans have reacted after Cristiano Ronaldo mourns the death of Semedo Wife on Social media as some fans have sent their condolences