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Top Football Players Who Don't Take Alcohol

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Taking alcohol has become a normal trend in the society in recent years. Despite the huge salaries they receive, some top footballers have chosen not to take alcohol. Let us look at footballers who do not take alcohol.

1. Gareth Bale:

The reason for his decision is that he does not like the taste of an alcoholic drink. The Welshman once said, “I don’t like the drink, to be honest. It’s not the fact that I choose not to drink alcohol. I just don’t like the taste. I obviously tasted it, but I didn’t like it"

2. Javier Hernandez:

When he joined Manchester United in 2010, his grandfather claimed that he doesn't take alcohol. He said, "Chicharito has his diet, he doesn’t eat anyhow, he doesn’t even drink a drop of alcohol".

3. Cristiano Ronaldo:

His reason for his decision was because his father passed away due to alcohol abuse. He is one of the very top footballers who don't take alcohol at all.

4. Yaya Toure:

The Ivorian who also represented Manchester City once rejected a bottle of champagne given to him as a Man of the match award. He does this because he is a Muslim and his religion forbids that.l

5. Harry Kane:

The Englishman doesn't take alcohol. He was asked if he takes alcohol and he replied, "Not me, I’m probably not allowed. I’ll just stick with Coke.”

6. Mohammed Salah:

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Asides being a Muslim,the Egyptian international doesn't drink alcohol because he values his health. He said this in an interview, "Nutrition is so important, it’s part of the game,”

7. Franck Ribery:

He converted to Islam in 2006 after marrying a Muslim from Morocco. He has avoided alcohol since then because his religion forbids it.

8. Djibril Cisse:

During his time at Liverpool, it was confirmed that he wasn't a fan of taking alcohol. He said this in an interview, “Sorry I don’t drink because I’m Muslim".

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