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Drama at UK Airport as Grown-up Man Claims to be Aged 15, Begs on Knees not to Be Returned to Nigeria in Video

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There was mild drama at Heathrow airport in UK after a man who travelled from Nigeria was discovered to have fake documents

The man Okpegwa Benson upon being questioned about his documents claimed with teary eyes that he is aged 15 and was given the passport by a good Samaritan

While interrogations from UK airport officials continued, he went on to reveal that both his parents were murdered by robbers and that his life is not safe in Nigeria

A traveller from Nigeria created a dramatic scene at Heathrow airport UK after officials found out that his papers were not genuine.

the traveller Okpegwa Benson had told a female airport official identified as Bahli Rupri that he had complete papers and worked in the UK.

Drama at UK Airport as Grown-up Man Claims to be Aged 15, Begs on Knees not to Be Returned to Nigeria in Video

Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by Real Responders

His claims then took a sharp turn

Suspecting fowl play after discovering that Benson's passport wasn't genuine, Rupri had prodded further with more questions and this was effective as the man changed narrative.

With a pitiful look, Benson pleaded that he was actually given the passport by a good Samaritan who offered to help him considering his bad situation in Nigeria.

He claimed to be 15 years of age and without parents

Rupri then involved another official to assist in the interrogation.

Benson perhaps while taking advantage of their polite communication manner and in a desperate bid to salvage the situation affirmed that he was aged 15.

According to him, he had lost both parents after they were murdered by robbers.

While pleading with the officials that his life was at risk if returned to Nigeria, Benson sought help to get into the UK.

He is currently missing

The story goes that the airport officials handed him over to the UK Social Service for age test after which he was sheltered somewhere in South London.

Benson however 'disappeared' from the place he was sheltered and hasn't been seen ever since.

Mixed reactions trailed the video

Christian Fuseini Abusigri said:

"This is how bad and uninhabitable we are turning Sub-Sahara Africa into.

"It's a shame Africans cannot feel at home in our own countries as a result of horrendous leadership.

"Our leaders should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't that useful to us."

Steen Walls wrote:

"Britain is part of the reason why things are like that in Nigeria, they created that zoo! So open the gate for him to enter into the country after all you people didn't need visa to invade Africa."

Ebuka Onyekwere remarked:

"Democracy is good that's why this immigration knowing fully well that he was lying still the gave him chance upon chance...

"Come and try it in Asia

"The will not even send you back to your country na prison you go see yourself."

Homenone De Vikoff opined:

"Our dignity is with our leaders, with there son the family enjoying our ressources while we are on our knees begging minimum to survive to those brave people who have there own problems to face in their country. The enemies of humanity are African politicians."

Nigerian man deported from UK after passport went missing rejoices again

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man who was deported from UK after his 5 years visa went missing has smiled again.

In trying to return to the UK, the man went from one pastor to another until he came to Gbenga who asked him some very important questions.

Before he got deported, the man had been in the foreign city since 1998 and only came back home briefly for a birthday ceremony

To show that his deportation could have been God's way of saving him from crises, he was later informed that his shared apartment in the UK was raided.


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