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Governor Bala Muhammad Vacates His Seat For 14 year Old Girl, Aisha Katagum To Serve As The Governor

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The Governor of Bauchi State, Governor Bala Muhammad has been helpful in educating Girl child in Bauchi State, despite the fact that some parents didn't agree to allow their female children to go to school, Governor Bala gave them a scholarship that will relief the parents from paying school fees. Governor Bala Muhammad Recently vacate his seat for a young Girl of 14 years to serve as the Governor.

He announced that in a speech in Bauchi television station, Governor said: "In commemoration of 'Day of The Girl' today, I vacated my seat for a moment to a 14-year-old-girl, Aisha Katagum. Katagum served as the acting governor of Bauchi State for a few minutes and was anticipated to make policy pronouncements"

"Today is also an excellent time to note that my administration will continue to support girl child education by providing a conducive atmosphere for teachers and pupils in schools across the state"

This will surely encourage some Girls to dedicate them selves to school for the betterment of their lives

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