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If You Don't Want Me To Lead, Leave PDP For Me, Obaseki Warns

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Some key members of the Edo state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been asked to leave the party

The request was made by the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki, who addresses himself as the leader of PDP in the state

The governor said those who do not want him or even like his style of leadership are free to leave the party

The Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki, has urged members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state who is uncomfortable with his leadership style to leave the party.

Obaseki reacting to the ratification of the suspension of some key leaders of the party in the state said he would not leave the PDP for anyone.

Governor Godwin Obaseki

The governor has issued a warning against those spreading lies against him or his administration. Photo: Governor Godwin Obaseki

He added that as the leader of the party in the state, he is pledging to continue being a good leader by creating a mind for an all-inclusive government.

Accept the governor's style of leadership or leave the PDP

Obaseki said:

“Anybody that doesn’t want me to lead or want to accept my leadership will leave PDP for me.”

Vanguard reports that the governor said some members of the party have continued to feed members with all manner of lies as a divide and rule tactics to destroy the party's credibility.

Party members spreading lies as a means of survival

He said for some of the individuals, once there is no lie to spread to naive minds, they would not be able to find means of survival.

He added:

“If we go for election today, we will win by 85 per cent. It means we don’t have meaningful opposition and if this is the situation, we should not create opposition inside."

“We are here to stay and invest in PDP. I am the governor to join PDP last and was made chairman of our e-registration process, so why should I leave the party."

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Calling for the cooperation of all, the governor added that as the only true party in Nigeria, members of the PDP must learn to work together for the interest of the people and Nigeria.

He said:

“I said come let us harmonise and the harmonization is to carry everybody along. We don’t need to lie in politics. Politics is a game of numbers."

“People are greedy, politics is all about to give and take. I appreciate PDP, we came, we won, we are not leaving PDP, will not accept any opposition within PDP, if you are not happy with my leadership, you can leave us."

Meanwhile, previously reported that the Edo state PDP leadership had suspended some of its members in the state.

The suspended members holding key positions across the party in Edo state were asked to step down over alleged anti-party activities.

The PDP members' suspension was contained in a communique released by the party at the end of the PDP leadership meeting in Auchi, Etsako West, local government area of the state.

Also, the party at the national level had announced the sale of forms to members interested in contesting for available positions in the PDP's national working committee.

According to the party, the form for the position of the PDP nation chairmanship position will be sold for N5 million while that of the national secretary is pegged at N3 million.

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