Content Marketing Strategy 

In this current dispensation, priority is given to content marketing which involves writing of articles about products and services with an up-to-update review to attract potential buyers and clients.


Content marketing strategy ensures that customers stumble on your products and services on our site. Toktok9ja have a league of professional experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We don’t only write your article to attract customers, we go further to optimize your content to rank high on search engines. 




Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online (Wikipedia).


Based on the above, this marketing strategy focuses on creating and publishing your content on toktok9ja media for our loyal readers to have first-hand information of your products and services. 


This could be done three ways:


  1. You write the content yourself and forward it to us to publish on our platform (You’ll only be charged for publishing the content only). 
  2. We write the content for you and publish it after your approval. (Note: You’ll provide us with all the necessary information about the product or service. You will be charged for writing and publishing the content).
  3. Linking your article to an existing content on our site. This work when you have a similar article on your site and want to link to ours. Your link would be included in our article as a resource.


If you wish to proceed with this marketing campaign, click here. 

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