Drama As Two Women Fight D.i.r.t.y on Broad Day Light

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Two Women Fight
Two Women Fight D.i.r.t.y on Broad Day Light

Drama As Two Women Fight D.i.r.t.y on Broad Day Light.

The video shows an incident where a woman is being beaten up by another woman who seemed to have been walking down the road with her friend when all of a sudden the woman approaches from behind, grabs her by her hair, and beats her up.

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The incident of assault occurred in broad daylight, the woman is seen barely dressed for the occasion, as the woman catches her off-guard and throws her to the ground.

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They then continue to punch and slap one another in what seems to be another case of grown women fighting, it is unclear what they are fighting for but the way the woman approached the other it seems to be a serious matter, rarely do people put themselves in such situations without any catalyst.

The fight goes on for about five minutes, the man recording the video can be heard getting excited and telling the woman that he came with to punch the other one hard.


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The video according to the report was recorded at the Kenya Ports Authority facility in Mbaraki, Mombasa County… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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