Guy checks the Backside of Heavy Endowned Slay Queen in Beer Palor

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Theirs something spectacular about the female buttocks, it seems theirs a generational shift from what older generation view about female beauty.

A guy was recently caught on camera checking the backside asset of a slay queen seating beside him. While the slay queen was busy posing for a photo shot, the guy was also busy preying on her heavy endownment, perhaps discharging the alcohol effects in his system.

The guy seem pleased with what he saw, could you blame him? This days ladies do all manner of things to get attention from guys. Some even go to the extent of doing surgery for bum enlargement. Those who can’t afford surgery wear artificial buttocks.


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A survey conducted by me along the popular Oba-Adesida road in Akure reveals 8 in every 10 ladies have big buttocks.

A check on social media reveals same, those who don’t have bend or twist their waist to reveal what they got.

Please advice this guy.

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