Help! My Sugar Daddy Pays Me 200k Weekly So He Can Do It With Me Using His Left Toe

Sugar Daddy

A pretty Nigerian lady needs your advice after she suspects that her sugar daddy might be using her for rituals.

It is no longer news that different people have different ways of satisfying their s8xual desires. For some people,they prefer to make use of their hands, for others,they don’t mind using their tongues.

The reason is that nobody is the same. It is true that God created us in the same way, but things that we experience while growing up, makes us to behave in different ways.

During a late night relationship program on radio last night ,the lead presenter by name, Oma revealed how she had come across a young woman on Facebook whom shared a rather strange story concerning her relationship with 55 year old sugar daddy.

According to the presenter, the young woman shared how her sugar daddy pays her 200 thousand naira every week so that he can do it with her using his left toe.

Below is how the young lady shared the story.

Hello, my name is (name withheld), I am 25 years of age. I have this older man who is my sugar daddy.

He is 55 years of age. The first day we were together, he promised to give me 50 thousand Naira.

I was excited about it, but when we were about to start, he raised up his leg in an attempt to use his toe on me.

I was alarmed by his action,so I refused to do it with him. He then promised to raise the money to 200 thousand if I allowed him to use his left toe.

I thought about it and I agreed because the pay was good. He made love to me using his toe. He continued using his toe on me fir years. He always delivers on the 200 thousand naira he promised me

I have made so much money from this. I have been able to establish myself.

I am the one who takes care of my parents and siblings,indeed money is no longer my problem.

All these years I have been with this man, he had never made the mistake of using his right toe to do it with me. He is always very careful. Each time I try to ask him to make love to me the proper way, he gets angry at me.

It is true that I am now rich, but I am seriously worried about the whole left toe thing. Part of me is telling me that such an action is not normal. I still don’t understand how a man will be this willing to part ways with such a huge amount of cash, so that he can only use his toe on me.

I have been planing on how to end our relationship, but I don’t have the courage nor the guts to try it. This nade doesn’t talk much and I fear that he could try to harm me.

What if he is a rutualist? No,I don’t think so. If he was a ritualist, why is everything moving just fine for me.

Please I don’t know what to think anymore. Can anyone help me with the best way to end this relationship without harming myself or getting my life in danger. I will really appreciate it if you can help with any form of solution.

Well,that is the story this young lady shared.


Does anyone know how best to handle this situation faced by this young woman?

Don’t just read, drop your thoughts on the comment box, bellow and share to your friends the also comment.


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