I Am a Love Peddler and Ashawo, I Have Slept With 2788 Men – Nigerian Lady


A Nigerian girl has left many people baffled after admitting that she has slept with 2788 men while narrating the story of her life. A video of her is already trending on social media with terrible backlash from social media users.

However, it is not all what it seems it is. The woman identified as Ifediba Oluchi Anne might have played on the intelligence of many by deceiving them with the video which she later clarified in a long post on her website that although she has slept with a good number of men, but it was not up to 2788.

A first look at the video might sound controversial as she gave no hint that what she said was actually fictional. Many people have attacked her for using such a cheap means to get attention and traffic to her blog. A number of people have attacked her on social media calling her different names and cursing the hell out of her life.


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