Pastor Warns Pregnant Woman Who Went Completely N3ked for Pre -Maternity shoot

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The rate at which Nigerian pregnant women are exposing their N3kedness for pre-martanity shoot is quite alarming and calls for concern. This is not our tradition but that of the western world. Even at that, the westerners whom we copied this from do not go to such length as exposing their body for pre-martanity shoot.

The worse of it all is that, these women share the pictures on social media handles for friends and the whole word to see what was suppose to be private.

A Pastor has cautioned married women to desist from such act, according to the Pastor:

Today, I again wish to counsel married pregnant women to stop exposing their N3ked body and tummy to the public on social media.

The public didn’t assist your husband to impregnant you.

Your N3ked body should only be seen by your husnand and your pre-natal doctors (Genealogists) in your privacy.

Compare this pre-martanity shoot with the one above…

Is she not looking more responsible, matured and decent compared to the later?

Another concerned Nigerian wrote this:

If this is what you call martinity photo shoot, Aunty, i am really sorry for you and your generation. What is meant for your husband’s eyes only is now public consumption.

When you slay before marriage, you will still slay in marriage. Slay queen are bad wife and bad mum.

Is this true? Hope this passes a message across, share this post so others can learn.


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