Pr0stitution Does Not Pay – See The Different Types of Clients They Get Each Day

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Pr0stitution Does Not Pay

Pr0stitution Does Not Pay – See The Different Types of Clients They Get Each Day.

For pr0stitutes, they get to meet different kinds of people, both the good ones, the n@sty ones, and even the weird ones.

A prostitute said she experienced the weirdest person on her first day on the job.

“My first exchange happened on a Saturday night when a guy who noted my high leather boots followed me into the vestibule of my apartment, crouched down, and began l!cking my boots. In less than a minute he handed me money and left. I barely saw his face.”

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There is also the set of other Johns who gain pleasure in making other people watch them.

“[One guy] actually created a peephole so his buddies could watch while I was working on him. He is missing digits on his fingers. … He’s the kind of John you would cross the street to avoid.” The pr0stitute said

Pr0stitution Does Not Pay

There are some guys who patronize pr0stitutes not because they want s*x from them. At times, it’s just for companionship. She said;

“D*ck K. who is a client of my printer took me all the way to California with him on his business trip. I can’t figure out why. He doesn’t touch me though we sleep in the same bed.”

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There are some guys who aren’t nice at all and they don’t joke with their money. She said;

Pr0stitution Does Not Pay

“Another of my regulars is a big hedge fund trader. I hear he is rich but he pays no more than anyone else. In fact, he pays less; he insists on meeting in a hotel room near the financial row and deducts the room from my pay.”

Also, there are men who like s*x in groups but some pr0stitutes don’t allow this because according to them, it leads to rape a lot of times.

There are some clients that are thieves and would be paying off the pr0stitute with stolen goods.

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“I was in California and this guy picked me up and said if I would spend the night with him, he would give me a car. Right — I really believe that. But much to my amazement, after a long night of performing oral s*x on me even though a million women would allow that for free, there was a car. It was a Honda Civic and the reason he was giving it to me was it was hot.” She recalled

And then, there are clients who actually steal from the pr0stitutes themselves. So, asides from having s*x with them without paying, most likely, these clients would still go ahead to steal their valuables.

“Almost every guy thinks he’s an exception and his ego doesn’t want to let him pay … Younger guys are especially bad and I have had them steal back the money while I wasn’t looking.” She said.

Looking at it, it is obvious that a lot of prostitutes meet the weirdest and insane people in their line of business.

Pr0stitution Does Not Pay

Most certainly, they would even be sometimes abused by these Johns while on the job and they can’t go to the police, because pr0stitition is illegal.

Pr0stitution Does Not Pay, get something useful to do with your life, and real quick!



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