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See the pictures of the Armed Robber whose manhood was bitten off by a lady he raped

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Many mysterious things have been happening in this world, I’m not that surprised because it is written in the Bible that when the end of the world in near, mysterious things will be happening.

There was a terrible thing that happened in Ghana which is currently trending on social media, where an armed robber went to rape a poor girl during the process of his wicked act his manhood was bitten off by the lady he raped.

According to the victim, Miss Justina Donkor, who is 24 years old, the victim said:

She woke up in the mid night around 02:30am, and surprisingly she saw a strange man in her room, the strange man was holding a locally manufactured gun and cutlass.

She was alone in the house because her parents had traveled, according to her said, she discovered that the strange man had already slept with her because she might be drugged by him.

The strange man again issued her death threats saying she should allow him to go for the second round or he is going to kill her, the poor girl was frightened because of her life and she accepted.

She said the robber removed her underwear and put his manhood in her mouth to suck it, unfortunately for him, she bites off his manhood, due to the pains he ran out and immediately rushed to a hospital to received medical assistance.

It was later when the situation got to the police before they traced him to the hospital where he is seeking medical assistant.

The piece of his man hood as been retrieved by the police and his currently under arrest.

See the pictures below:K

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