SERVICE WELL RENDERED! Meet The Oldest Prostitute In Africa Who Was Given A Parcel Of Land As Retirement Gift

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Left – The Oldest Prostitute In Africa

SERVICE WELL RENDERED! Meet The Oldest Prostitute In Africa Who Was Given A Parcel Of Land As Retirement Gift.

It was really a glorious retirement for A 40-year-old prostitute, Sarah Mutero believed to have serviced’ several thousands of men in the course of 23 years of active commercial s*x work.

After 25 years in the prostitution business, she received a parcel of land as part of her retirement benefits from well-wishers.

Mutero received a parcel of land worth Sh120,000 (about $1,190) in Makuyu, Murang’a County, in Kenya.

For 23 years, Mutero had been a s*x worker, having serviced thousands of men at her hometown of Embu, Nairobi city centre, and in Majengo area.

She claimed she would service 20 or more men in a day in her younger years. But as age set in, with hard economic times and stiff competition, she could only manage four customers daily.

This means an average of 100 men per month and in 23 years, she has taken care of thousands of men, her interviewer surmised.

Left – The Oldest Prostitute In Africa

“It is not an easy thing to satisfy such a big number of men, some being ruthless, yet we end up poor.

“We earn peanuts that we can’t even save. Everything I have earned in servicing needy men went to clothes, shelter and food for my children as well as education,” she said.

She warned that in s*x business, pricing is determined by standards and location.

“In villages, Majengo and places like that, a session — popularly called ‘shot’ — goes for Sh100 (less than one American dollar). In the city centre, it costs Sh200 (about $2) and higher in upmarket areas,” she told her interviewer.

In Majengo, s*x workers rent mud houses for Sh4,500 (about $45) per month and have to close business at 11 pm, she said.

She said she was among s*x sellers who spent the night at work, while those with young children or those whose husbands were not aware of what they did for a living went home early.

In the s*x business, she said, morals were thrown out of the window if one wanted to make good money.

“If a shot is Sh100, how many men do you have to sleep with to make ends meet? Many.

“That is why we don’t disregard customers as far as they can pay and are above 18 years.

“Though I am old, young men prefer me because I treat them well, and if they are beginners, we show them how to put on condoms and do enjoyable s*x.

“My clients are aged between 18 and 35 years,” she revealed.

Mutero is among the old s*x workers in the city and has decided to retire and set a precedent for her workmates, some in their 60s.

“Young women are taking over. I also find it weird when some customers tell me I served them five or 10 years ago. They wonder how I am still alive and in the business.

“I turned down many asking to marry me, especially after I gave them delightful s*x,” she said.

She added,  “I want to retire and settle down quietly. I am not addicted to a point I will retreat to the streets. No, I just want a quiet life with my children and I am not interested in getting a husband.”

The mother of two sons jumped into prostitution aged 17 in 1995 after a stranger impregnated her and vanished.

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She also revealed that she grew up with a gland disorder that affects her body’s hormone production. This made her seek a sperm donor and eventually become a single mum — against the advice of doctors and friends.

“I was born with hypopituitarism, which means my pituitary gland is not formed properly.

“It doesn’t send the right hormonal messages to the other glands in the body, like the adrenaline gland or the ovaries. Because of that, I have to take hormone replacements to develop the necessary areas of my body.

“I’ve had it under control now for 29 years, so it’s not an issue now. But it was very obviously different because I was taking thyroid pills and taking a needle of growth hormones every day.



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