Shocking As 18yrs Old Girl Stabs Herself After She Caught Boyfriend Cheating (GRAPHIC)

Boyfriend Cheating

Shocking As 18yrs Old Girl Stabs Herself After She Caught Boyfriend Cheating.

Love can be both lovely and deadly at some time, especially for those who cannot control their temper.

This is the case of an 18 years old girl who stabbed herself in the stomach after she reportedly caught her man cheating on her with another girl.

According to report, what upset her even more was the fact that the girl she caught with her boyfriend was her best friend.

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She was said to have lost control and ran into the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife then stabbed herself in the stomach.

Thank God she didn’t hit any vital organ which would have led to her death.

She has since been rushed to the hospital as doctors battled to save her life.

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