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The Strong and Beau­ti­ful Casey Sam­sel is Train­ing Hard to Defeat Angel­i­ca Teix­eira at the 2018 Olympia

Casey Sam­sel is look­ing to take the top spot.

The IFBB Biki­ni Pro divi­sion fea­tures some of the strongest, fit, and most beau­ti­ful women on the plan­et, all them look­ing to take the top spot as Olympia cham­pi­on. Cur­rent­ly Angel­i­ca Teix­eira holds the top spot as Biki­ni Olympia queen and isn’t look­ing to relin­quish her title any time soon. The oth­er women vying for the top spot are all work­ing hard to claim the title of num­ber one. One of those com­peti­tors is the tal­ent­ed Casey Sam­sel.

Tak­ing the fourth place posi­tion in last year’s show, Casey Sam­sel is look­ing to impress at the 2018 Olympia and has been train­ing hard year round to break into the top 3. Though she acquit­ted her­self well at the 2017 show, Casey Sam­sel like any oth­er com­peti­tor isn’t con­tent with being a place hold­er. Instead, she’s been train­ing hard in hopes of stak­ing her claim as num­ber one in the Biki­ni divi­sion.

The only way for Casey Sam­sel to take the top spot is through rig­or­ous train­ing and dynam­ic pos­ing. In prepa­ra­tion for the 2018 Olympia, the tal­ent­ed Biki­ni Pro has been pulling out all the stops and push­ing her body hard in the gym.

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