VIDEO: Fake Ghanaian Prophet Takes Off Women Underwear, Shaves Them with Razor Blade for Miracle

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Prophet Takes Off Women Underwear

VIDEO: Fake Ghanaian Prophet Takes Off Women Underwear, Shaves Them with Razor Blade for Miracle.

Women are vulnerable and most times they fall victim to their pastor and Prophets who take advantage of their weaknesses as they are known to be very submissive to their ‘spiritual fathers’.

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We have previously witnessed some creepy things people were subjected to do under religious disguise, like people, getting sprayed with insecticide on the face, people drinking petrol to get healed, some eating snake and grass to get delivered from whatever they think is troubling them.

Prophet Takes Off Women Underwear

You think drinking petrol and eating grass and snake is weird, Well, if you think that is weird, start thinking again, if you think you have seen it all, wait untill you read this.

video is circulating on social media where a pastor can be seen making an altar call and women came out to the front to take off their underwear, after that, the pastor starts shaving their public hair with a razor blade probably for healing or deliverance.

What he is saying during the deliverance process was unclear as he was speaking in a Ghanaian language, perhaps those from Ghana can help us interpret.

Out of speculations, we think the Pastors, might have been saying what he is doing is the only way they can be healed or delivered from their situation.

Prophet Takes Off Women Underwear

People get victimised under false pretense from the people who want to use them, mostly it is women who are easily convinced to submit, and they end up crying that they have been victimised, only because they don’t think, but rather submit and let their Pastors violate their dignities.

How does one become so submissive and agree to sacrifice their dignity, I mean what if this woman is married, is the husband going to be happy to see his wife taking off her underwear in public like that?


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