On Daily basis students across the globe get abuse on campus for various reasons, especially the female students who are more vulnerable to these attacks.


Most of them are scared of reporting such incidents to the school authority for proper action due to victimization and sometimes colour differences (Racism). Well there is good news for such student, we have designed this page to handle such cases, student can report any case of abuse on campus and we'll take up such case within our network and ensure that justice is served.


Kindly use the form bellow to report any abuse. 

Sarah Sharpe

I was raped by a close friend

Johnny Lucas

I became the Centre point of molestation at a point, but DC helped me

Amanda Feros

The school refused releasing my result even after meeting all obligations 

Dobrin Lovik

They say i couldn't join the basketball team because i am black, thanks to DC 

Select the Abuse
Select the Abuse