Connecting all Diaspora Students… 

Ifeoma Chinenye Onuike hails from Anambra State in Nigeria, Dunakofia L.G.A, she is the Founder of EMBLER an NGO operating in Cyprus. Ifeoma is a Lawyer and Human Right Activist. She writes on experiences living and schooling in the Diaspora. She connects with students across the world and encourage them share their story and experiences which in turn inspires others.


Also she writes on Motivation, Human Rights most especially the girl child right to education. 

DIASPORA CONNECT (DC) is an online forum where students across the world share their story, experiences challenges and advice on living and schooling abroad.


It is an initiative pioneered by Toktok9ja and Ifeoma Onuike . 


Scroll down to read about unique stories of students who raise to fame even while schooling abroad. You can contribute by commenting and sharing your own experience as we work together on growing DC.


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