National Young Leaders Essay Competition is an annual event for senior secondary school SS2 and SS3 students in Nigeria. It is designed to test the writing skills of students as they prepare for the next phase of their educational career. 


Every year students across Nigeria are given topics to write on in their respective schools, while the best essay from each schools are enlisted on our site which will determine the next phase of the competition to produce the overall winners. 


Our team of professionals screens these essays written by the students from over 100 schools in Nigeria for the best 100 which is then enlisted on our site for further deliberation. 


The enlisted essay will carry the registration numbers of the students who have successfully passed the first stage. The 100 essay would furthermore be screened for the best 10 for the next stage.


The top 10 best students will be invited for a final duel to determine the final winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, respectively). 


The first winner will be given 100% scholarship Bahcesehir Cyprus University and a cash price of 250,000, the second winner goes home with 150,000 cash price and 50% scholarship to study at Bahcesehir Cyprus University, while the final winner takes home 100,000 cash price as well as 50% scholarship to study Bahcesehir Cyprus University


The top 10 runner ups get different consolidation prices such as mobile phones, piano, headphones, etc.


Lucky students are not left out as they can also chose a topic on the essay page to write and win instant prices like Head phones, Cameras, Piano, wrist watches, etc. 


Just fill in the essay form on the home page and write and submit directly there.