Hello everyone, you are welcome to National Young Leaders Essay Competition , for SS2 and SS3 students across Nigeria. 


Please read through to the end to get the full description on how to participate.  




  1. To have the students contribute their thoughts on the current position of Nigeria most especially the call for re-structuring. It will avail them the opportunity to research on the term “Re-structuring.”
  2. The overall winner of the competition will be given placement in scholarship scheme of Bahcesehir Cyprus University.
  3. To get students acquainted with the use of internet and emails in solving every day problems. (Participating students would require an email address.)
  4. It would encourage parents to have savings account for their children as we are partnering with Bank(s) to ensure this happens. We observed most parents don’t save money for the future education of their children in high institutions. Participating students will be encouraged to open savings account with the Bank(s) we are partnering with.
  5. The online essay competition will enhance student on how to prepare for their internal and external writing.

A lot of students especially the science students don’t practice essay writing. Prior to the competition,there will be booth classes to prepare the participants on the requirements for the essay writing as well as general guideline and tips for writing essays and proper communication. 

This initiative is intended to have a far/high impact reach, which will subsequently help student to have a better grade in WAEC, NECK, NABTEB, GCSE or relevant and related exams. 

The research on the essay topics will also help them on their preparation for TOEFL, SAT and JAMB for International standardization. Also note, for scholarship purpose, International Bodies (Countries like Australia, US and Norway) will require a student to write an essay to test the student’s knowledge and exposure on a project. Why pay tuition fees for your child abroad, when they can win a scholarship. 

The best 100 essay which would be enlisted on our site at would serve as an archive for further research and references.


This is another reason why every student should seize this opportunity to test their writing skills. Moreover they stand to win amazing prices.




The essay competition is designed for SS2 and SS3 students across Nigeria within the geo-political zones of the Federation. The first stage is kick-starting in Abuja by September 2020. 


Interested students who want to participate for the online competition where you can win various prices follow these procedures carefully to write and submit the essay online. 


1. Log on to with a web browser, fill in the required information on the essay main page and select any of this topics to write on:  


(a) Restructuring the Solution to Nigeria’s Challenges.

(b) The Role of Social Media in the Child’s Development. 

(c) Me as a Change Agent. 

This topics only applies to students who wants to participate for the online competition which is different from those who will write in their respective schools.


2. Input your name, email address and all the necessary information about your school.  


Only best selected essay would be enlisted on the site, so visit the essay competition page regularly to find out if your essay was enlisted.


NOTE: essay must not be less than 750 words and must not be more than 1,000 words. Please also indicate your name, age, sex, class and the name of your school with the address BOLDLY at the beginning of the essay. Student are not allowed to copy an existing essay from the internet and submit, such student will be immediately disqualified, as we have a way of finding out any copied essay. 


All submitted essay will be scrutinized before being uploaded to the site.


The best online essay wins the prices.

You can drop your comment or ask any questions, on this page.Please make sure to always visit this page for more information or updates.


 Good Luck!