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 820 total views,  2 views today 1,000 Guest Authors Needed on Toktok9ja Creative Studio – Join Now. Toktok9ja creative studio was designed to bring together content creators, bloggers, publishers, and guest authors all over the world to share their passion for writing. As a blogging platform, the studio currently has over 5,000 […]

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 1,072 total views,  1,072 views today See The Black Axe Cult Group That Killed 10 People In Lagos State. These two Cult groups don’t always agree among themselves so they fight on a daily basis which results in the killing of many innocent people in the community. The black axe and Vikings […]

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 167 total views,  166 views today See The Woman Who Kidnapped Her Neighbor Who Just Received Her Gratuity. Beware of the people you talk to too and how you tell people your secrets, this woman was arrested after she allegedly kidnapped her neighbor because her neighbor told her about the money she […]

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 3,926 total views,  3,925 views today Killers Of The Imo State Catholic Priest Have Finally Been Sentenced To Death. The sad incident of the IMO state catholic priest that was killed got so many people angry and crying out for justice. The IMO Catholic priest was killed by unknown gunmen last year […]

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 1,016 total views,  1,015 views today Young Man Set Ablaze For Allegedly Stealing N2000 In Benue (PHOTOS). An angry mob reportedly set a young man ablaze for stealing the sum of N2000 at a market place in Benue, Nigeria. According to reports, the incident occurred on Monday, March 1 at Ihugh market […]

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 1,071 total views,  1,070 views today The Evil Man Behind The Killings Of Oyo State Farmers Was Finally Arrested. For the past eighteen years, residents and farmers in Ayete, Ibarapa area council, Oyo state, have lived in constant fear of Iskilu Wakilu, a notorious Fulani warlord who kills farmers and innocent citizens. […]

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 75 total views,  75 views today Northerners Allegedly Begin Diversion Of Food Items To Niger And Cameroon. Foodstuff and cattle dealers across the Northern part of the country have started diverting their goods and all consumables to the neigbouring countries of Niger Republic and Cameroon. READ: Sad – Middle- Aged Man Tortured […]

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 61 total views,  61 views today PURE TALENT: See What This Nigerian Boy Made From Plastic Bottles (PHOTOS). It’s an understatement to say ‘ Nigeria got talents’ Nigeria is an embodiment of talents. Thus, Nigerians show the world that the country is blessed with lots of talent and is home to lots […]

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 23 total views,  23 views today WAHALA: See What Was Seen In This Yoruba Man’s Waist At The Airport, That Stirred Reactions Online (Photos). Obviously, the Yorubas hardly forget their cultural lifestyle and traditions, which are passed on to them as a heritage from their forefather. Due to the increasing rate of […]

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