Libya Slave Trade and its Significance to Africa – Ifeoma Onuike, Diaspora Connect

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It’s so sad that in the 21st Century some barbaric acts which where long abolished still regenerate. The heart breaking fact about this is that it occurs among the same people, the same continent; people who are supposed to look after each other yet, are their own doom.

For this barbaric act to gain limelight now does it mean that it has been happening for a long time?

How many lives have been lost in this process?

How can a man’s freedom be worth less than 500 dollar?

Even at 500 dollar it is a disgrace to humanity. It beats my imagination on how these captors thought about a trade as evil as this, such as the harvesting of human organs, sex slave, torture and brutality.

All these years these acts were perpetrated has it not any in anyway come to the attention of the security agency of Libya even the government, or they heard and kept quite because probably they themselves are involved or the people are above the law.

Some people are blaming people for going through Libya to enter Europe, yet to an extend they cannot be faulted, if everything they need such as good economy, housing, food is available no man will want to leave that to working in the grave yard. It is pathetic that the situation of countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Gambia, and Ivory Coast has pushed people to their death and life time trauma.

It is quite appalling that everyone kept quiet about it for a while probably because it was not Paris, or the U.K or U.S. Currently we don’t know the UN stand on this issue. Even some African Presidents we still don’t know what strategy to adopt in curbing these menace.

Now we know about this evil trade I believe what should be the next cause of action should be the solution. If only our leaders could try to be less corrupt and perform their duties as required of the positions they occupy. If only as youth we will resolve not to be deceived by them to steal our votes. If only we can start looking inward to see what we can do for ourselves.

I have spoken to some Nigerians residing abroad about why they had to leave their fatherland.

Their disappointment cannot be hidden of the situation of things in the country. There are many things I see outside Nigeria and I wish if only we can have same in our country, I believe we will have a great economy because it is a proven fact that Nigerians are hardworking, they thrive to achieve success.

This is indeed an eye opener on what people go through to live their dream life abroad. Please parents, youths I know the situation of things are not good don’t be deceived by anyone who wants to take your daughter to Italy or your sons to Germany or Dubai.

I hope that the Human right watch and other human right organizations launch an investigation in Libya and the all perpetrator brought to justice.

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