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Alfa Almost Lynched by Mob After He Was Caught Making Sacrifice At Mid-Night (VIDEO)

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Sacrifice At Mid-Night

Alfa Almost Lynched by Mob After He Was Caught Making Sacrifice At Mid-Night (VIDEO).

The video of an Islamic cleric popular know as Alfla being compelled to eat some substance suspected to be diabolic surfaced online.

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According to reports, the Alfa was caught with a fetish sacrifice he was taking to a T-junction when he was intercepted by some individuals, and his intention was truncated in the process.

When questioned by the mob, he claimed to be an Alfa, yet he’s performing a ritual, something everyone thought only Herbalists and Ifa priests do.

Onlookers present however insisted that he eats the sacrifice which he did and even requested for water for the fear of being lynched by angry mob.

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Although he never revealed the purpose of the sacrifice,but I’m sure the action somehow have safe a life or two from being destroyed by another fake men of God.

May God continue to expose all of them one by one!


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Sacrifice At Mid-Night
Sacrifice At Mid-Night
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