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 655 total views Become a Landlord in the UK, Tap into Richwood Carpentry Ltd Affordable Housing Scheme, See Details A UK-based property company has invited foreigners both in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries to take advantage of its mass housing scheme and own properties abroad. Richwood Carpentry Ltd is a registered […]

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 655 total views,  10 views today Check Out The £8m Ocean-front ‘fortress’ of Bitcoin Tycoon – Fred Schebesta, Who’s Worth Over £100m. A TECH millionaire has opened up the doors to his £8million ocean-front fortress for the first time after making his crypto fortune. Fred Schebesta, the founder and CEO of the […]

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 5,623 total views,  6 views today See The Country That Rubs Themselves In Mud During Festival Celebration. With a festival to celebrate almost everything from fireflies and ice fishing to bullfighting and body painting, there’ s no shortage of mass festivities occurring at any given time in South Korea. But perhaps no […]

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