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 332 total views 9ja Jokes of All Times Fully Loaded. 1). He who refuses to mix Agege bread and akara as a type of sandwich is a racist – Martin Luther King jnr (1788) 2). He who completely unwraps moimoi and gala before eating cannot keep a secret – Abraham Lincoln […]

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 456 total views How Covid-19 Spread Through Money – 9ja jokes 2021. The Coronavirus can be spread through money. This second wave is even deadlier. So if you have money at home, put all the money into a plastic bag and put it outside the front door. I’m collecting all the […]

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 1,589 total views,  6 views today 10 Key Points That Proves All Nigerians Are Heroes. WE ARE ALL HEROESThrough the harmattan of JanuaryThe struggle in FebruaryThe Pandemic in MarchThe LockDown in AprilThe home alone in MayThe Hunger in JuneThe Covid19 Dead in JulyThe Loss in AugustThe survival of the fittest in SeptemberThe […]

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 597 total views NOTICE OF ATTEMPT TO SLANDER MY IMAGE – 9JA JOKES. Please be informed that somebody is trying to cause a false alarm by spreading a dangerous rumour that I have stopped eating chicken, turkey, and goat meat. READ: DANGERS OF TOO MUCH HOME TRAINING!!! 9JA JOKES RE-LOADED I, […]

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 1,848 total views They Have Come Again ooo, See the List of Funny Wedding Names for this December. Check below some funny Wedding names for December and have some fun laughing. Nonso weds Joy (NoJoy2020) Isioma weds Ewuzie (IsiEwu2020) Ndidi weds Ararume (NdiAra2020) Endurance weds Sarah (Endsars 2020) Buniechukwu weds Harrison […]

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 35,001 total views,  2 views today DANGERS OF TOO MUCH HOME TRAINING!!! 9JA JOKES RE-LOADED “My husband’s long time friend just visited from United States.She was about to leave when she beckoned on my two kids and offered them $1,000 each….(a whole ₦900,000). Only for these children to shout out loudly…. “Thank […]

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