Bro if you’re broke, leave someone’s daughter alone and enjoy your single life! Which one is I’m testing her with poverty to see if she’s  ‘wife material’ are you a test tube? Broke boys and their trouble! adminProfessional freelance, highly trained and always open to conversations. Ask admin any question […]

Lawyers will always complicate simple matters? Who is a Lawyer? A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000 word document and calls it a brief. A Professor stepped into a law class and threw an orange at one of his students and said “Give it as a gift to any […]

I want a wife who is a stammerer so before she could finish saying “Baby I need money” I am already at the office. Please in need an answer seriously, if 33 is called thirty three and 22 called twenty two then why is 11 not called onety one and […]

Children could be so inquisitive in nature, they ask us questions like, why is mumy’s stomach so big? How did i get in there? So an unknown couple took it upon themselves to give a clear answer to the ridiculous question often asked by children mostly boys. When next you […]

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