Lady Who Cooked Food With Menstrual Blood for Her Boyfriend Tells the Shocking Story

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Lady Who Cooked Food With Menstrual Blood for Her Boyfriend Tells the Shocking Story

Lady Who Cooked Food With Menstrual Blood for Her Boyfriend Tells the Shocking Story.

Episode 1

My relationship with Tobe was already 4 months old. I had fallen deeply in love with him. The fear of losing him engulfed me and I got trapped, deep into obsession. Should I call it love or being over stupid? When madly in love, you can go to wide lengths to secure your passion.

My last relationship ended terribly. I suffered months, tried everything humanly possible to see if I could regain my sanity, but all proved abortive.  Until Tobe came into my life and brought a new light. I became whole again.  My beauty restored, my hope rekindled and I believed in love again. 

 So should I be blamed for trying to secure a permanent place in his heart? “My Tobe….I love you so much and I’m ready to do anything to keep our love burning for ever” this was my constant rhyme  So, on that faithful day, it was the second day of my monthly flow, the day the blood flows very heavy and thicker. The effect will be very strong.  I was preparing his favourite, beans with unripe plantain.

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I expected my conscience to bother me, like it always does, but it was so calm. 

That fueled my zeal to carry on.  So I used the spoon, scooped the blood out from my VG, and added it on the food which was still half way to be done.  The table is set, now waiting for my love Tobe, who was in the bathroom to come and have the sweet love I set for him. 

Episode 2

So Tobe sat down to enjoy the innocent portion I set for him.  Yes, I called it innocent, because in love, everything is fair.  After having the second spoon, his face squeezed a little. 

 “Baby, this food taste different” he said. I froze, with my mind empty of what to expect next. “What response will I give if he blow the question on why the food taste different?” I asked myself.  I didn’t taste the food, so I can’t describe the taste. But none of that happened.

He saw the panic on my face and thought I was being scolded for the food not being tasty enough. “Come on baby, the food is extra sweet.

Yummy” he said with a charming smile. I gazed round his face, watching his sexy pink lips trying to calm my fears.

He was trying to explain himself, but I was lost. None of the words were entering. I was deep down, caught in my passion of wanting him more.  “Did I do the right thing?” A thought brushed my mind. But I immediately waved it away, because, in love, everything is fair. I kept reassuring myself.

I wasn’t going to harm him. I was only securing the love of my life, forever. Tobe is every woman’s dream, so any step I take in permanently making him mine is justified.

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I was lost in my thought, not knowing that he was still trying to explain what he meant by the food tasting different.  “Baby, whether you know how to cook or not, I love you and nothing is ever going to change that, Ok?” he warmly said, caressing my cheek with his strong palms. Yes, his strong palms. His charming lips caught mine.

I gave into the burning passion, grabbing it like a hungry lion. And he kissed back. His breath deepened and I knew he want me. 

How can I resist such immeasurable feelings? Not my style. He pushed the food to a side, balanced my average round hips on the dining table and plunged his lips on my neck, gently going down my bosom.  “My king” I whispered into his ear, licking the outer part of the ear.  “I love you” he replied, warmly.

“Is the portion working already?” I asked myself.  “No, I don’t think so. Our s-e-x life is very active and great, so I don’t think the blood has taken effect yet” I was asking and replying myself. Yes, that night, right on that dinning table, we made love like never before. But I wasn’t still satisfied.

He understood I still wanted him more. So, he lifted me up as we retired to the room and continued from where we stopped.  My Tobe. My heart. I never regretted taking that step. My heart was strong. My conscience was at peace, or maybe because, I locked it and threw the key into the river. The next day, about 6:02am.

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I opened my eyes, but my Tobe wasn’t on the bed. I called for him, but he wasn’t anywhere near the house. “Where could he be? Where could he have gone to without letting me know?” I lost my feet, became cold in fear.

Episode 3

I rushed back to the room, picked up my phone, dialed his number. And his phone rang, right beside me.  “He left without his phone?” I asked myself, boldly confused. 

“What’s going on? Where did he go to? Or has the blood made him disappear?

If he had left the house, I would have heard a sound or even woke me up to lock the door”  My mind became a battle ground with influx of questions. I became more scared.

“What have I done?”  I stood up, searched the entire house again, but still, Tobe was nowhere to be found.  I slumped on the floor, tears rolled down my cheeks.

 “I killed him, I made him disappear.” I started cursing myself. Just then, the gate creaked. I rushed out with my face, wet. 

As I rushed out, Tobe turned as we stood opposite each other.  He gazed, without saying anything. I was sure he saw the confusion on my face, but he still remained calm.

He saw the tears on my face, but he did not say anything. He just stood there, staring at me. To my utmost shock, Tobe started walking inside without uttering a word. 

Tobe wasn’t the type who would see the confusion on my face without asking anything. He wasn’t the type who would see tears on my face without turning the world upside down just to see my happiness restored. 

As I was still battling with confusion, his shadow brushed past me. “Baby” I blurted. He stopped as I blocked him. 

 “You left without telling me where you were going?” “You were looking for me?” He asked “Yes, I was scared and worried” I replied, while observing his face. 

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I noticed his smiling lines were missing. His face was thick as if something terrible had happened.  “You are getting me scared. Are you Ok?”  “I am fine. Can you please, step out of the way?” He calmly requested, in a thick tone But I pretended not to hear him. And continued making him understand how worried I was, with my facial expressions.

But he never bothered to observe any of that. He firmly grabbed me by the shoulder and moved me to the side and walked into the room. I have never seen him in such cold mood before. Something must have triggered it. 

So I rushed after him. He was sitting on the bed, looking lost. I quietly moved to his front, knelt down. I knelt for 2 minutes, expecting him to say something, but he was still looking in a fixed direction. 

“Baby, you are getting me scared now. I’m here for you. You can share with me whatever it is, that is bothering you. I love you Tobe and I can’t stand seeing you like this”

He then looked at me as we exchanged gaze for 30 seconds. 

 “Are you now having difficulties in understanding a simple sentence?” He asked as his face got more roughed. He looked scary.

I moved back, stood up and stepped towards the door. I stood there, weeping quietly, observing him, as he continued looking on.  I was still yet to understand what was going on. 

“I don’t know what happened. It can’t be the menstrual blood. I don’t have to conclude yet until he finally share his pains with me.”

I concluded in my mind as I continued observing him, but my presence was invisible to him. “Lord, whatever it is that is bothering him, please see him through.

I love him so much. Don’t allow anything bad happen to him” I prayed as I left to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. 

Episode 4

As I was about placing the kettle on the burner, Tobe walked in. 

 “What are you doing?”  “Preparing your breakfast” I warmly replied  “Turn it off.” He orderd I calmly turned off the cooker.

“Would you like me to make you something else?”  “Yes” he cut in.

My heart elated, eagerly waiting to hear what his request would be.

But little did I know, I was about to witness my world torn apart.  “Go and get ready. Pack your things, I will drop you off at the park” he commanded, boldly

“What?” I scoffed, smiling “Baby, I don’t understand this joke you came up with this morning.

First, you left the house and put me in a state of utmost confusion. And now again, you are asking me to get ready, that you will drop me off at the park.

Baby, please, stop. I’m not finding it funny” “Debora!” He called  And boom! The name blasted like a bomb. Tobe, addressing me by my real name.

That was when I realized that, I was in for a dramatic change.  He continued “I said, go and get ready, I will drop you off at the park” I was dumbfounded. Shocked.

To tell you the truth, the world turned blank. The only thing I was hearing were his last words. They were echoing in a bit of rage.

I rushed him, shivering in fear. I was sure he heard my heart beating so fast.

My eyes were filled with questions, expecting every bit of them to be answered. 

“Baby” “Can you stop calling me that?” He cut in “I’m feeling irritated already”  I froze, still looking at his face “Get ready and be fast about it, don’t keep me waiting” Impulsively, I rushed and blocked him.

“Tobe, are you breaking up with me?” He gazed for 9 seconds as I continued waiting for him to answer me. “I woke up this morning and couldn’t look at your face.

You are so ugly. How I was able to put up with you all these times is something I need to figure out.

 I went out for a walk to clear my head, to see if I could understand anything, but the more I think about it, the more irritated I feel. Deborah, you disgust me.

I don’t want to ever see your face again.”

I gasped for breath, everything went dark. My nightmare turned a daymare.

I was well awake witnessing my nightmares. The only thing that was ringing on my mind then was, suicide.  He continued talking, but I couldn’t hear a word.  “Grab the knife…..grab the knife….just pick up the knife and end it all” these words kept playing on my head. 

So I stood up, went for the knife and grabbed it.  He stood there watching, to see what my next reaction would be. He felt unmoved.  “Tobe, I’ve said it countless times that, without you, my life has no meaning. I can’t stand loosing you” He continued looking at me, unmoved. 

“Did you even hear a word I just said?” “Debora, if you want to kill yourself, fine, but not in my house. You can do it elsewhere” Tobe turned from sweet kind hearted man to a stiff cold hearted guy. Courtesy of my menstrual blood.  T

hose three ladies that commented on that post, claiming that it works, does it mean they lied? They deceived me? I allowed my insecurity play a toll on me. 

Just then, Tobe caught my hand, squeezed out the knife and dragged me out of his flat.

It was such a terrible experience.  My former relationship was way better, atleast, I felt the signs before the relationship finally went negative. 

Tobe was about to tear my heart into pieces.  “Am I ever going to survive this?” I rhetoric  “I’m getting your things” he said, returning inside and slammed the door to my face.

I wailed bitterly, hating myself for ever feeding him that blood.

Then, an idea popped in.  I was desperate. I was ready to do anything to save my relationship.  “What if I confess? Maybe, he would forgive me.

Yes, I should confess. Once he opens that door, I’m going to confess. I pray he forgives me. Of course, he will. My faith is strong, he will.”

The moment he opened the door, I left my self on the floor. 

“Baby, I will confess. I will confess” “Confess what?” He asked, blowing a serious questioning look. I remained on the floor, gathering the courage to share my confession  “Confess what?” He asked again, harshly  “Ok… I..I…Ok, it was all my fault.”

 I stammered and then continued “I was scared of losing you. You know I love you so much and would do anything to…” He got impatient, hissed.

As he was about walking inside, I blurted.  “It was my menstrual blood. I added a small portion into your food” He swiftly turned, facing me. I felt the fire burning in his eyes.

Episode 5

After my shocking confession, he stood still, giving me this raging look.

Then I was scared on what he would do next. Though, not completely scared, because I’ve concluded that, I’ve lost him.

Nothing will be more scarier than losing him “What did you just say?” He asked, with a terrifying questioning look.

 I kept looking at him, confused on what to reply him He grabbed me fiercely by the shoulder.  “Are you not the one I’m asking?”  “Yes, I am sorry. It was my blood. It was my menstrual blood” I replied, with my eyes shut.

 I couldn’t stand looking at his burning anger He got nauseated and rushed to the bathroom and started vomiting.  While he was rushing inside, I ran after him thinking he was under a kind of attack, then he started vomiting. I felt relieved. 

While he was washing his mouth, with sincerity in my heart, I started apologising “I am sorry. I felt it necessary to confess otherwise, I would have kept it to my self.

But it won’t do my conscience any good” He kept on washing his mouth as he continued spitting. 

 I took a deep breath and continued “Though, I’m not asking you to forgive me, because no man in his right senses could forgive my impetus.

I went out of line and destroyed everything love stands for. I allowed my insecurity take over my thinking and now, I have lost everything.

You are my world. So loosing you, means loosing everything.” He turned, giving me this look, that was filled with uncertainties. “Why did you do it? Was my love not strong enough to prove to you that, I love you with all my heart and willing to do anything for you? Did you know I was planning to propose?” I burst into tears. 

What a terrible mistake I made.  “Can I have a second chance?” I asked my heart.  He continued “Did you know you meant everything to me? I never stopped praising your innocence.

But behind that innocent smiles, lies a desperate woman who would go beyond anything to have her evil schemes achieved. I’m so disappointed”  I felt the anger, regrets and hatred lining up his face as I continued releasing tears.

“I was scared, but my fears has come to life. I am sorry my love. I’m leaving and I assure you, you won’t ever see my face again.

 I’ve hurt you terribly with my actions and doesn’t deserve your kind love” I wept sincerely, as my heart built up strong to take my own life “Once I step out of this place, I’m going to end my life. It’s worthless living without him” I concluded in my heart. So I began leaving, but he wasn’t moved.  We were done for good.

 As I stepped out of his apartment, I picked up the razor I had sighted earlier on the window side.

Episode 6

(the end) When I picked up the razor, I waited for some minutes to see if he would come out to stop me from leaving, but there was no sight of him.  Then, I concluded we were done for good. 

I held the razor blade, continued looking at it.

To commit suicide wasn’t easy, so I was building up some courage.  “I can’t live with this guilt. I really hurt him. What was I even thinking?

 I failed and don’t deserve anyone’s forgiveness. I better kill myself because if I don’t, this guilt would certainly kill me. I wish he would just kiss me one more time.

That would make my soul rest in peace.”  “Debora” he cut in I panicked, thinking he was about scolding me for not leaving yet. “I am sorry, I was about leaving before you called.” I apologised and started leaving. 

As I made the second step, he held my right arm with his left hand. I turned and looked at him. Then, so many things were running on my mind on why he stopped me.

I even became scared that he was about hitting me for having not left. But what came next what something I never expected. 

He started kissing me. I don’t know whether to kiss back, because some minutes back, he was filled with rage.  But when I noticed the kissing was being seriously intimated, I kissed back.  “Does it mean he has forgiven me?”

I asked my heart and never bothered to ask him, so that, I don’t spoil his mood again.  “Why did you do it?” He asked, still holding my neck “I am sorry” I kept apologising  “And you wanted to kill yourself?

I guess I’ve granted your wish. You said you wanted a last kiss?” “Ow…is that what the kiss was all about?” I sighed  “But you are not killing yourself” he said I then gave him a deep questioning look.

He continued “I don’t know if I’m ever going to forgive you, but I’m somehow recovering my feelings. That’s what matters, right? Just give me few days to think about everything” I stood mute, looking at him as he continued  “Just give me some time to come around, ok” “Ok” I replied. 

He then kissed me again, again and again and gave me this smile.  I then started leaving, with joy in my heart. There is hope. Just like he promised, he will surely come around.

I will wait for him. He loves me.. I saw it in his eyes. I committed a terrible sin, so I’m not expecting to be forgiven easily. I love him so much and I believe my love will triumph. 

Just as I was almost down the staircase, he called.  “Debora”  I looked up with much expectations.  “Wait, let me drop you off.

You are still my princess, you know that.” He said with a calm smile  Just like I said, I will wait.

Everything is going to be fine. I will wait.

Story written by Ngozi Lovelyn.

(Photo used for this post is for illustration purpose)

Lady Who Cooked Food With Menstrual Blood for Her Boyfriend Tells the Shocking Story.



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