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One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester To Death is Son of Former Senator – Reports

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One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester To Death is Son of Former Senator - Reports

Finally, One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester Oromoni To Death Opens Up.

The family of Michael Adewale Kashamu one of the students who allegedly tortured the late 12-year-old pupil of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni. Jnr, after so much dragging online has opened up.

The family released a statement by one Mutairu Kashamu, and they confirmed that Michael Kashamu is indeed the son of the late Senator Buruji Kashamu who represented Ogun East in the 8th National Assembly. 

the family noted that despite the late Sylvester’s claims, the ongoing cyber-bullying and name-calling will not help solve the pending issue as it pledged to cooperate with the government during the investigation.

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The family stated that it has conducted a private inquiry and “carefully questioned” Michael about his involvement. 

According to the family, their son had truly served as a school father of Sylvester during the last session but had been moved to a different floor in the boarding house in the new session, which affected their closeness. 

See What The Family Revealed

The statement was titled, “Dowen College Student’s Death: Kashamu’s Family Empathizes With The Bereaved…Calls For Thorough Investigation.”

Though corroborating Sylvester’s father’s comment that the deceased was bullied during the last session, the family said their son was however not involved at all. 

It also said their son, Michael Kashamu was not aware that a similar incident had occurred again this year, which led to Sylvester’s injury and death.

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The statement reads, “The Kashamu family has been inundated with inquiries, calls, and messages over the unfortunate incident at Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, which led to the untimely death of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12-year-old student of the College.

While we empathize and commiserate with the family of the late Sylvester Oromoni over the irreplaceable loss, we wish to appeal to all and sundry to hold their horses until the Police and the Lagos State government have completed their independent investigations and established the truth.  

See How Some Actresses Blamed Sylvester’s Parents For Enrolling Him In Boarding School

One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester To Death is Son of Former Senator - Reports

Actress, Lynda Clems has come under fire after criticizing parents of late Sylvester Oromoni for enrolling him in a boarding school.

In a trending video on social media, Lynda Clems said:” Why should you put your son or daughter away to a boarding school just to buy freedom? Why can’t they go to school from home?No amount on earth is as precious as a kid”, she said partly in the clip.

In his response, popular singer Darey Art Alade said:” Parenting has no set rule book so we must never expect parent A to be the same or do the same as parent B.May God continue to protect our kids”.

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Comedian, Lafup wrote:”This is not coming from an informed parent”.

@Egi_nupe_ added:”Nigerian celebrities always fighting one another during sensitive times likes this. Another episode of madness.

A fan Nefertiti said:”You people should not make this about you before trailer go jam una”.

Another Nigerian actress cum producer, Uche Ebere has also lambasted the parents of the deceased.

One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester To Death is Son of Former Senator - Reports

For Uche Ebere, a 12-year-old has no business in boarding school except for divorce state or a situation where the mother is no more or other cogent reasons.

Using herself, for example, Uche Ebere revealed that despite her busy schedule, all her kids went to day school until they got to university.

She posted a photo of late Sylvester Oromoni on her Instagram page and wrote, ” All the people that brought your dear life to a sudden end shall never find peace.. Justice for this young lad is a must, not only closing the school, what an evil act! Rest on talent Sylvester. Meanwhile, parents should stop putting their underage children in a boarding school, 12years no nah… no closeness, no rubbing minds with them, it’s a no no, except if there’s a good reason and that’s the only way out. May God protect our children in Jesus Mighty Name Ameeeennnn.

See How Other Actresses Disagreeed With Uche Ebere

One Of The Boys Who Allegedly Bullied Sylvester To Death is Son of Former Senator - Reports

Filmmaker Mary Remmy Njoku has disagreed with actress Uche Ebere who said a 12-year-old has no business attending a boarding school. 

Mary Remmy Njoku however faulted the claim, adding that “no one has the manual on how to raise a child”. She stated that people must not raise their kids same way as there are rapists and robbers that were homeschooled.

She wrote; 

As a mother, I disagree with you. No one has the manual on how to raise a child.

Different families, different circumstances, different income, different children.

I mustn’t raise mine like yours.

Las las there are still rapists and robbers that were homeschooled.

Recall How The Boy Died

A Nigerian Twitter user took to the platform to allege that his 12-year-old cousin died from injuries he sustained after allegedly being beaten by fellow students who were forcing him to join a cult in a Lagos boarding school. 

According to @Perrisonoromoni, the boarding school costs over a million naira and his cousin mentioned 5 names before dying.

The Twitter user also alleged that while the school authorities told his uncle that the boy got injured while playing football, the hospital he was taken to confirmed that he was bullied and sustained internal injuries after he was allegedly beaten up. 

See The Final Moment Of The Boy

The family of Sylvester Oromoni Jr., a student of Dowen college who died days ago, has released a video to dispute Dowen College’s statement that their son wasn’t tortured in school.

The boy’s family has released videos and a photo to show that it wasn’t just a hip injury that killed their son.

A photo shows Sylvester with bruised lips and the family said he got that after being forced by the boys at school to consume a substance.

Dowen school has been shut down and the students have been told to go home pending the investigation time.



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