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Sad­ly — Girl Dies On Her Birth­day After Being Beat­en By Her Boyfriend [See Pic­tures]

A South African vic­tim of domes­tic vio­lence died on her birth­day, days after being bru­tal­ly beat­en by her boyfriend.

Man­ot­si Lemao died on Thurs­day, August 9, the day she was cel­e­brat­ing her 42nd birth­day.

She had report­ed­ly been bru­tal­ly beat­en by her boyfriend last Mon­day but she told no one about it. Manotsi’s cousin Mate­bo­ho Seloko­ma, 41, said she dis­cov­ered the truth after her hus­band went to col­lect some mon­ey from Man­ot­si only to find her bad­ly injured.

Mate­bo­ho said: “He found the boyfriend. He told him that he and Man­ot­si had a fight ear­li­er and she was sleep­ing.

I then went to check on her and I found her bru­tal­ly beat­en. She had a blue eye and her body was swollen. She could not walk on her own. She said her boyfriend had beat­en her up. I took her to the doc­tor. X‑rays revealed that she had a bro­ken leg.”

See­ing Manotsi’s con­di­tion, Mate­bo­ho insist­ed that she spent a few days with her and her fam­i­ly, which she did. Sad­ly, she died on Thurs­day after eat­ing her birth­day cake.

Before she died, she com­plained that her foot was itchy,” said Mate­bo­ho. “She said her heart was beat­ing too slow, and she fell on my son’s bed and died. Had this man not beat­en her, she would still be alive. I wish the law would take its course.”

Police spokes­woman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlu­bi con­firmed the inci­dent, say­ing: “An inquest case has been reg­is­tered.

Accord­ing to records, Man­ot­si was alleged­ly assault­ed by her boyfriend and lat­er dis­charged from hos­pi­tal. She died at her cousin’s home and the police are wait­ing for the post-mortem results to deter­mine the cause of death. Depend­ing on the results, the charge may pos­si­bly be changed to mur­der.”

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