Something Must Kill a Man -RELAX AND LAUGH SMALL

I want a wife who is a stammerer so before she could finish saying “Baby I need money” I am already at the office.

Please in need an answer seriously, if 33 is called thirty three and 22 called twenty two then why is 11 not called onety one and 00 zeronty zero???
I wonder where these teachers got their education

Love will just make you see your boyfriend as the most handsome guy on earth,
Breakup & see how ugly the idiot is.
Rubbish upon Rubbish!!!

You will buy rice with meat,plantain and egg and the seller will be like “Bros is that all?”
No ma, add ice-block, charcoal and mosquito

My girlfriend celebrated her birthday and I asked her what does she want.
She replied she wants something that will last the whole of 2018.
So I bought her 2018 calendar.
I’m calling her and she is not picking my calls…
I don’t know why?

People will see their ex classmates pregnant and say ahh!!! this girl was very quiet at school.
Who said pregnancy comes with noise?

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